Foodwatch Reporting Software

FOODWatch Grande - 210 Panel

Name: Date of Collection:
Date of Birth: Date of Report:
Gender: Printed Date:
Eclabs Id: Accession No:
Agar-Agar Flaxseed Peppermint
Almond Garden Cress Pheasant
Alpha-Lactalbumin Garlic Pine Nut
Anchovy Ginger Pineapple
Angler Ginseng Pistachio Nut
Anise Gluten Plaice
Apple Goat Milk Plum
Apricot Goose Pomegranate
Artichoke Gorgonzola Pork
Asparagus Gouda Cheese Pork Liver
Atlantic Jackknife Clam Grapefruit Potato
Aubergine Grapes Poultry Liver
Avocado Green Beans Prickly Pear
Baker's Yeast Green Pepper Pumpkin
Banana Groundnut Pumpkin Seed
Barley Flour Grouper Quail
Basil Guilthead Seabream Rabbit
Bay Leaf Guinea Fowl Radish
Beef Hake Raisin
Beet Hazel Nut Rape Seed
Beetroot Herring Raspberry
Beta-Lactaglobulin Honey Red Currant
Blackberry Honey Melon Rice Flour
Blueberry Hops Ricotta
Bonito Horse Meat Rocket
Brazil Nut Iridescent Shark Roquefort
Brie Kangaroo Rosemary
Broad Bean Kefir Rye
Broccoli Kidney Beans Sage
Buckwheat Flour Kiwi Salmon
Buffalo Milk Lactoferrin Sardines
Cabbage Lamb Meat Sea Bass
Cacao Leek Sesame Seed
Calamary Lemon Sheep's Milk Cheese
Camembert Lens Shrimps
Camomile Lettuce Snail
Carrot Liquorice Sole
Casein Lime Sour Cherry
Cashew Nut Lobster Soy Bean
Cauliflower Lychee Spinach
Celery Macadamia Nut Strawberry
Champignon Maize Flour Sunflower Seed
Chard Mackerel Sweet Chestnut
Cheddar Cheese Manchego Cheese Sweet Potato
Chicken Mandarin Tarragon
Chickpea Mascarpone Tea
Chicory Cow's Milk Thyme
Cinnamon Mozzarella Tofu
Clam Mulberry Tomato
Clove Mushrooms Mixed Trout
Cockle Mussel Tuna
Coconut Mustard Turbot
Cod Fish Nectarine Turkey
Coffee Northern Pike Vanilla
Coriander Nutmeg Veal
Courgette Oat Flour Walnut
Couscous Octopus Watermelon
Crab Meat Olive Wheat Flour
Cucumber Onion Whey
Cumin Orange White Beans
Curry Oregano Wild Pig
Cuttlefish/Calamary Ostrich Yoghurt
Date Oyster    
Dill Papaya    
Duck Paprika    
Edam Cheese Parmesan Cheese    
Egg White Parsley    
Egg Yolk Passion Fruit    
Emmental Cheese Pea Nut    
Emperor Pea/Bean    
Endive Peach    
Ewe's Milk Pear    
Fennel Pecan nut    
Fig Pepper